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Wix it up

I had no idea where to start with a web page but I thought it would be fairly easy to write about what I do. Turns out creating web content is trickier than it looks.

My home town of Chablis is wonderful in many ways, but one of its great assets is that the people here are consistently surprising. I had vaguely heard that there was a woman with a communications company in the village and my husband had worked with her on some copy for our winery website, but I hadn't realised just how much of an asset she was going to be.

I was truly in the company of a design guru. I met with her about a year ago when I first wanted to create a website, but hadn't knuckled down and got anything on "paper". She assured me that she knew how to create websites and could offer me a package using various tools that were completely unfamiliar to me, so I gave her the go-ahead.

In September 2018 I finally set the ball rolling and we met to discuss my ideas. I already had my logo by then, so we used those colours as a starting point. With Sébastien's great photos also in the bag by early October, Elodie was able to put together some initial ideas using Wix, the website creation tool that hosts this blog.

Her very first suggestions were instantly appealing. She had created sections for each area I wanted to cover, and had a fabulous timeline idea as a way to present my CV, which otherwise seemed rather dull and wordy (take a look at the main site to see the timeline up close).

She gave me a tutorial on how to use Wix, and I managed to get a grasp of its workings from there. And then my site was in my hands!

As a genuine language nerd, aside from the joy of learning something new, what I loved the most about this experience was seeing my original English writing translated into French. It's always me translating from French, but seeing Elodie's writing and how she conveyed my ideas in my second language was a fantastic experience.

So now I have my website and my blog. Perhaps I should be putting fingers to keys and drumming up some trade to make it all worthwhile?

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