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French to English Translation

Cosmetics, Wines & Spirits and Personal Development


I’ve been a freelance translator working from French into English since 2008, specialising in wines & spirits, cosmetics and personal development. I’m British, but have been living in France since 2002.

Ruth Simpson


Qualified wine professional

I started taking an interest in wine in the early 2000s.

Not content with nodding along at the family dinner table while my winemaker husband discussed tannins and acidity with his family, I decided to find out more.

This led to my signing up to do the WSET Level 2 Intermediate certificate in wines and spirits, which spurred me on to Level 3, then finally in 2012 I took the plunge and did the two-year WSET Diploma, the stepping stone to the revered Master of Wine qualification.

I’ve translated vineyard management leaflets, winery websites, tasting notes, bottling machine instructions, and even food and wine pairing suggestions. Because I also live on a winery in Chablis I’m face to face with the world of wine every day.


"I live and work on my family’s wine estate. So vine shoots, trellising, malolactic fermentation, fine lees and sustainable viticulture are all part of my everyday vocabulary!"



Crafting creative copy

Let’s face it. We’re not changing the world with lipstick, but crafting a dream with words can sometimes offer an escape from life’s dull routine. I’ve translated fragrance descriptions, beauty advisor training course books, product leaflets, press releases, and so much more for many luxury brands. 

"I love working on creative texts for brands. Pitching the tone to suit the market is what I do best, and sometimes my clients even rethink their French text when they read my ideas in English."


Understanding language and people

I do what I can to advance the field of personal development by translating articles for Danone’s EVE Program, a regular seminar designed to encourage women to unleash their potential and dare to go for what they deserve in business. Doing this has given me a much-needed boost on several occasions!


I’ve also translated a book on behavioural economics, Nudge Management, by Eric Singler. It’s all about how behaviour can be modified by slight changes that directors can make to motivate, encourage and guide their employees. It looks at remuneration, bonuses, cognitive biases and all the weird and wonderful ways that humans behave.


"Equal opportunities, the pay gap, the glass ceiling, corporate social responsibility: they might seem like buzz words, but when these issues are addressed they really do have the power to change lives. I love contributing to the empowerment of women by translating articles by top journalists in the field."



Ask me for a quote

Simply send me the file you need to translate, and I'll create a quote for you right away, based on the time it will take me to understand your text inside out, create the English version, then revise and rework it to suit your specific needs.

Contact me




Qualifications Ruth Simpson Word Harmony


 My background

MITI – Qualified member of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters (ITI)

Member of the professional association Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET)



When I'm not translating

I love any sort of new challenge, but SCUBA diving, wine and music are the three things I love spending time on when I get the chance! 



Centres d'intérêt

Ruth excels at creative and linguistic brain teasers. It's great to have a partner like her to rely on.

Mélanie Chevalier

Founder and CEO,

Creative Culture Ltd.

Ruth is very competent, patient, organized and dedicated to her job. She was a pleasure to work with!

Natacha Atlan

Success Recruiter

This was a fantastic course and Ruth did a brilliant job. Very informative and enjoyable.


Beauty translation course

Ruth's knowledge of the wine industry really shone through in the terms she used and the accuracy of her translation.

Wine industry client

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